For employers

You’ve already invested in your new employees. We know you want to get the best out of your new attorneys as soon as possible and retain your talent in the long term. Find out ways to help them succeed through group or one-on-one programs tailored to your organization. We meet with you first to learn about your organization and its culture in order to smooth the onboarding process for your new hires. Then, we provide custom coursework along with our onboarding lessons.

For bar associations

Building a strong young lawyer and law student base is important for any bar association to ensure the next generation is ready to lead. Young attorneys often struggle with the demands put on them so that they have fewer opportunities to participate in the larger legal community. We work with you to tailor a course that speaks to the interests of your organization’s mission.

For law schools

The legal profession is not lacking individuals wanting to practice law. Yet not all skills are taught in the classroom. While students come from all walks of life and all backgrounds, the legal field still expects students to understand the white collar world from day one. We provide a generalized course to assist students looking to enter the profession while taking into account the needs of different student bodies.

For law students and recent graduates

Check out Survive and Thrive, a blog devoted to quick tips on how to manage your legal career. For 15 minute one-on-one sessions, please click here.